March 13, 2013

Let's go Asian

I got my hands dirty and made wontons. It may look time consuming to make them but actually it's quite quick and easy. All you need is the wonton wrappers and stuffing of your choice (either vegetarian or ground chicken/pork with ginger and veggies or ...). Just make sure to cut your ingredients for the stuffing extra tiny. It enhances the taste and makes wrapping the wontons easier. Click through to find out how to prepare them.

... and the end result -

Ingredients for about 15 small wontons:
- ground chicken/pork 100g
- half an onion
- one egg
- one tiny carrot
- 6 mushrooms
- a small root of ginger
- salt and pepper
- wonton wrappers (an Asian supermarket always has them)

Chop all the vegetables extra tiny and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Fill a cup with a little bit of water or egg yolk (use this as 'glue' to close the wonton wrappers). Now you're ready to wrap!
Be as creative as you like. As long as they're closed on the edges, you're good.

Fill a pot of water and let the water slowly boil. When it will almost boil, toss a few wontons in the pot. Stir to make sure they don't stick to each other or to the bottom of the pot. Let them sit for a bit so that the inside gets cooked. Add a bit of cold water in case your water is boiling already. After you've added the cold water, wait again until it boils. This way your wontons get some extra time to cook on the inside.
Depending on the size of your wontons, they'll have to cook longer. You can always take one out, cut it open and see if the meat is well cooked.

Fill a plate with soy sauce, dip a wonton, smakelijk! Of course you can also throw them in a noodle soup! Very delicious!