November 7, 2012


It's time for a decent update. What's happened? To summarize it: SANDY.
My schedule has been influenced significantly the past two weeks because of this hurricane.
On Sunday October 28th, me and my boyfriend drove out to Hanover in the state of New Hampshire to visit Tuck School of Business at Darthmouth College. We had planned to return on Monday but weren't able to because all bridges and tunnels to the City were closed. Right then I realised how severe the impact of Sandy was.. Seeing several posts on facebook and watching the news, we slowly but slowly realised it was better to not return to New York City as there was no power, heat, internet and certain parts of the City were flooded and extremely damaged.

Brooklyn - photo from Facebook

On the day of our return, we stayed at a friend's place in the East Village. Driving from uptown to downtown, we suddenly entered ghost town. It was incredibly strange to see 'the City that never sleeps', all in the dark, with no people on the streets. Pretty creepy..

I feel so bad for all people out there whose homes have been destroyed or who have lost their loved ones or even for those who currently have to live in a place without power and heat. Reading the newspaper: thousands of homeless, cholera in Haiti, no power and heat ... I am lucky I am safe, healthy and currently have a warm place to stay.

In the next few posts, an update on our trip to Hanover and Boston.

As Athena is now making its way with lots of wind, rain and wet snow, stay safe and keep warm!