October 12, 2012

Work life

Some of you are curious what I am currently doing in New York. Well, besides from sauntering around and eating my way through NYC, I'm working for a French luxury book publisher ASSOULINE - www.assouline.com. With several boutiques across the world, ASSOULINE is a well known 'brand', specialized in publishing beautifully illustrated luxury books covering fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, art, design, architecture, photography, etc. Below are a few photos to give you an idea of what the books are like.

I personally am fond of the books and think they are a great addition to any home. They're not your regular type of lecture, as they don't contain much text, but are more focused on the photos. In this way, you can just leave them open on your coffee table, in the living room as part of the interior. Whether you love fashion, cars, jewelry, paintings, photography, there's always a book you'll find at Assouline which interests you. Below a picture of the ASSOULINE boutique at Crystals shopping mall in Las Vegas.

All pictures taken from www.assouline.com