October 17, 2012

Tortilla de Patatas

Two years ago, my Spanish friend Silvi introduced me to this simple - yet very delicious - appetizer/light meal: tortilla de patatas. Wanna make it yourself as well? Click through and find out what you need to make this Spanish omelette.

Ingredients for one hungry person
- one big potato
- 2 big eggs
- half of a big onion
- pepper and salt

I added one tomatoe and half a slice of cheese to make it even more flavorful. However, the ingredients above are the ones you need to make the real traditional tortilla de patatas.

How to cook this (to all Spanish people, please note that I don't always follow the traditional recipe)
- Cut the peeled boiled potato (I pre-boiled it but half as long as how you would usually boil potatoes)  in very thin slices (according to your preference, you can also use bigger slices) and chop the onion.
- In a separate bowl, you beat your eggs with a fork. Add pepper and salt.
- Fill a small pan with a table spoon of oil (any kind is ok - i used olive oil). Basically the oil should almost cover your thinly cut slices of potato and onions.
Once your onions start to becoming almost crisp, add the egg mixture in the pan (and if you'd also want to add them, add the tiny pieces of tomatoe and cheese) and fry until the side on the bottom is turning nice and light brown. Then, take a plate, cover your pan and turn it upside down so that the  omelette is now on your plate. If needed, put a little bit of extra oil in the pan (so that your omelette wouldn't burn) and slide in the omelette and fry the other side.

And here you go, your Spanish style omelette - ready to eat!