October 10, 2012

Tasty bites

No burgers, fries, donuts, bagels, starbucks coffee or whatever you may have expected me to post since I'm in the US. Hello to Indian bites! Here are the last photos I wanted to show you of my time in India in April. It's about time - we're October! Since most of you are probably not familiar with Indian food (trust me, except for curries, I wasn't either), I have briefly explained what you can see on the photos.

Up there, that's a snack. Papdi chaat is the type of preparation. It has some crunchy crackers in it and then on top there's pomegranate, yoghurt and a chutney (a flavourful sauce, made of veggies/fruits and spices).

Up here we have a slice of bread (pao) together with bhaji: mashed potatoes with butter in some kind of chutney and radish on the side.

Below are a few appetizers. The mushroom tikkas were my favorites (tikka basically means on a stick so in dutch we would call it 'een brochette'), then you see the little blocks left of the mushroom tikka which are called paneer (cottage cheese) and what's left on the plate are some salted, fried veggies.

Bon app├ętit!