October 7, 2012

One evening

A while ago, my computer suddenly crashed. It's either a virus or a hardware problem. Tried a few things but right now I have to wait for a rescue disk. It's awful to not have a computer of my own, I have to keep borrowing my friend's one (luckily she's so nice to always let me use it). So here I am again. I've been wanting to show you these pictures for a while now. I've been walking around a lot the last couple of weeks!

Chrysler Building

Sunset at Central Park

Bryant Park

Grand Central

Mural Grand Central

I'm really enjoying the City: the lights, the diversity of the people living here, the traffic (yes, even the traffic haha), the 24hr shops, the nightlife, etc. Basically, New York is the best! I'm so happy here :) 

Ok, have to go now, good evening NYC, good morning Belgium!