October 10, 2012


My first bite of a cupcake since I'm here! God, delicious! Two years ago when I was in New York for the first time, me and Annelies went inside Eleni's at Chelsea's Market. Today I decided to visit Chelsea's Market and there was no way to avoid getting one of Eleni's cupcakes. A bite of the chocolate ganache cupcake and I was instantly in dessert heaven.

Below my own creation. Hmm. Ok, looking at the picture I guess it's not worth the comparison as for looks. However, taste-wise, that's a different story! Up to you to request me to bake some and to dare tasting one!

Another famous cupcake place here in New York is Magnolia bakery (also known from the Sex and the City episode where Carrie eats one of their yummy cupcakes). Below one of their signature vanilla frosted cupcakes. Two weeks ago, I bought some for a friend and this vanilla frosted cupcake still looks exactly the same like two years ago when I tried one for the first time.

Can't wait to eat the chocolate ganache again tomorrow!

Have a good evening/morning/afternoon!