September 12, 2012

NYC, hello!

I owe you guys an update!

First of all, I'm in NYC! City of lights, big concrete jungle, hello!
Secondly, this city is A W E S O M E.
Thirdly, I have missed blogging and taking pictures so I will do my best to keep this blog a running machine. After all, it would be sad to stop right now, at this exciting change in my life. I personally find it to be another milestone: I'm living abroad! In NYC, baby! I can't tell you how happy I am! I'm not ashamed to say I'm proud of myself. Let's reach some more goals! After all,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"   - Nelson Mandela

Now let's go on with showing you some pictures!

Times Square! Always alive and kickin'

I agree Ronald Mc Donalds, "NYC, I'm loving it"



Carpe diem

Hell yeah!

Brooklyn Bridge 

I love these 'x loves x locks'

For now, I've been mostly exploring places I hadn't been before during my previous visits. For example, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. Guys, do know that part of this afternoon journey was to reach the Brooklyn Icecream Factory. Haha. Do believe me when I say the icecream is sooo goood! And no, not because I walked all the way from Canal Street.. Oh, and for the Belgian people reading this: you get 3 giant scoops of icecream if you ask for one scoop here. My hungry tummy was happy!

What else: went for a stroll in Brooklyn - basically it was finding my friend's apartment but since I got a bit lost, I made a big detour and explored more of Brooklyn on the way there.

Had lunch at Central Park. Thanks mosquitos, I know I was not the only one enjoying lunch...

Saw a famous fashion guru (I can't come up with his name, it's slipping away) inside Louis Vuitton on Fashion's Night Out. Unfortunately I had to work that night at our event, so I couldn't experience much of what was happening at other places. However, on the other side, our event at the Plaza Hotel was super successful and pretty cool as well if I may say so. I saw some awesomely dressed people passing by. One woman was wearing shoes with lipstick heels. Coolness.

I bumped into Kim Clijsters, our beloved Belgian number one tennis player. She was trying on shoes at Bergdorf & Goodman. The woman needs shoes as well, right?!

Anyways, more NYC explorations, nights out, food, etc. coming soon!

Next, photos of NYFW! For non fashion lovers, also known as New York Fashion Week!

Nity nite!