July 17, 2012

Seafood laksa

Wanna try something new on your plate? Try to make this delicous dish once! Easy to make, find below the ingredients and how to make it.

- shrimps (scampi's in dutch): as many as you like (for ex. 7/8 a person)
- noodles (we used prepackaged noodles (one package per person) but then left out all the herbs of the little    bags enclosed and just used the noodles
- soybean sprouts (400 g)
- carrots (2)
- laksa paste or you could make it yourself (mix coriander, lemon grass, ginger, garlic, red or green peppers, curry powder (we used chiang mai curry powder) with a little bit of water (tea spoon))
- the herbs lying on top are basil
- coconut milk (250 ml)

Basically these are the main ingredients, my mom and I don't always correctly follow the recipes. It is a matter of tasting whether you like it in our opinion.. : )

We marinated the shrimps with garlic and olive oil and mediterranean herbs and baked them in the pan.
In a seperate pan we cooked the noodles, then removed the water and placed the noodles in a different plate. In the meantime we cooked the beansprouts and carrots together with the coconut milk and the paste in the wok frying pan we used before to cook the noodles. Then when the veggies were ready we added the noodles and the shrimps and that's it. Ready to dig in!

Have a good evening!