July 18, 2012


I'm in the mood to start showing you pictures of my vacation days in India. To start off, I want to show you these two pictures which show the big contrast I've noticed. When you drive around Delhi, you will see they are improving infrastructure and are working on big projects like building better roads, improving pavements, building modern facilities. You even have a very good subway system already. On the other hand, the contrast between the rich and the poor is still very present: little kids begging or selling gadgets, little houses or shall I say tents on the side of the roads, etc. For example, the picture below shows the slums located next to a big road. A bit further up this road, you will find a new luxury mall named DLF Emporio, which houses all the big international fashion brands. 

The slums vs a luxury mall, all on the same road

Entrance DLF Emporio mall

All the big brands are present. LV, Louboutin, Gucci, you name it.

Refreshing lemonade

Lunch at Mocha, inside DLF Emporio

Have a good evening!