June 28, 2012

Best beer in the world

The past two weeks, I've been driving around the country showing my boyfriend around and eating Belgian delicacies: chocolate, waffles, beer, fries...

Two weekends ago, we drove to the 'Westhoek', the most south-western part of Belgium. During World War I, more than half a million soldiers lost their lives in this region, which was part of the Western front. It's pretty depressing to learn about the history of this region, but it is necessary that the stories are passed on to next generations.

After paying a visit to the renovated Flanders Field museum, we drove to Westvleteren to the Saint Sixtus AbbeyHere you can try the best beer in the world! Only a small part of the production is available outside Belgium, so I had to bring my boyfriend here this time. Even in Belgium it is hard to find it as it's not for sale in Belgian supermarkets and it can only be sold in certain cafes.

Abbey beer and cheese - so tasty!

Emblem of Westvleteren

More photos of our weekend trips will be up on the blog soon!

Have a good night,

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