May 21, 2012

Road Trip

Friday night over drinks, we planned a small roadtrip out of the blue. Turned out to be such a great idea, we had so much fun! Most important fact of all, the sun was shining! In a country like Belgium, this is a major plus.
We decided to go to the beach across the borders in the Netherlands to walk around and get some fresh air as all of us live in the city. Before heading out towards the seaside, we stopped at the supermarket to pick up delicous foodies for a picnic on the beach (think smoked salmon sandwiches, olives, rosé wine, strawberries, etc.). We spent a good 3 hours on the beach eating and chilling and then made a quick stop in Sluis (a little dutch town known for hairdresser products). Here are some photos:

No apartment buildings, no shops, no sidewalks, just mother nature. Very relaxing!


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