May 29, 2012

Part II: Angkor Wat

Here we are, sunrise at Angkor Wat. 

For those who've been there, they will surely know this is the ultimate spot for pictures because of the reflection in the water. Note: the water above on the picture looks ok, but in real life, it's dirty and full of insects..

We were definitely not alone at the site, have a look:

The temple may not have the most details, compared to the other temples, but size and symmetry, those are two aspects which impress you. Please have a look at the last picture: look at how tiny we humans are next to the temple and imagine how they have built this!

Please note that I wasn't able to fit another stage into this last photo. So you can imagine how high of a construction this temple is..

That's it for today, I'm gonna enjoy the sun outside for a bit!


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