May 17, 2012

East Mebon

East Mebon was one of my favorite temples. It was not the most beautiful temple but the fact that we had the temple all to ourselves and could peacefully look around and take photos, was awesome.

The sucky thing about my photos (and I guess I'm speaking for a lot of people who are no professional photographers) is that I wasn't able to capture the actual impressive height of these monuments. I hope by telling you, you can imagine it for some part : )

The temple right next to East Mebon is Pre Rup. A famous spot to go see the sunset. Unfortunately fully packed with people waiting for the sunset (which didn't happen as spectacularly as we expected it to be because of the clouds), but impressive because of its height: you had to climb all the way up which was pretty hard (not even thinking of how it is for older people).

Have a good evening! 

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