May 14, 2012

April 10

I know it's been a bit silent on the blog, but here I am again! In the coming days, you will get to see a serie of posts of my trip. My vacation started off with an Indian wedding but as my last posts before the vacation have been all about my previous trip to India, I will keep the Indian wedding from right now and my days in Delhi for the end of this serie : )

Let the posts begin! 

April 10, 2012 - flight from Delhi to Bangkok

Clear contrast between old and new - Bangkok, Thailand

Since we both have been in Bangkok before, we didn't spend much time here during this vacation as we wanted to see as much as possible of Cambodia and the South of Vietnam. It was mainly just a stopover on our way to Cambodia.
The evening of our arrival, we went for a drink at the Sky Bar at the Lebua, also known as the hotel where the 'wolfpack' stayed at in the Hangover II. More photos to come later (taken with my boyfriend's camera..). In case you soon are to visit Bangkok, certainly go for a drink there! It's maybe not the most spectacular view, compared to some rooftop bars in NYC, but the bar itself and the high staircase impress you for sure!

In front of the entrance to MBK. Shopping... :D

Look at the Mercedes on the picture above! What a beauty! Only spotted it now.. It's incredible how I often miss out on things in real life but then (luckily?) notice them on my pictures. Remember one of my first posts - have a look at it here.

Siam discovery, just across MBK, another mall.. : )

Besides from shopping there was FOOD !  
Mid-afternoon lunch at MBK food court: mmm, Thai food is amazing! 

Wonton noodle soup

Fried noodles with vegetables

Papaya salad

Have a good evening!

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