May 16, 2012

Angkor Wat - Day I

On our first day in Siem Reap we decided to visit the temples located at the most northern end of the Angkor Wat complex (to see the map - click here). Because the sun is very strong during the day - and ofcourse taking in mind the high temperature - we had decided to go out and start our journey of sightseeing around 4pm. My first impression of the complex was the distance between the temples and the amount of temples. Initially I thought there was only Angkor Wat.. Seems like I was clearly misinformed : )

Inside the Preah Khan temples

In and around the temples you would often see huge piles of rocks because of certain parts which have collapsed. However, it is incredible how amazing of a job the archaeologists have done and are still doing! You often would find a before and after photo inside the complex where archaeologists have constructed an entire wing of a temple. Impressive!

Preah Khan

In almost every temple or at least outside the temples, you will find a bunch of children trying to sell you cards, food, water, or whatever (Well, where is it not the case at touristy places around Asia and ofcourse also other places in the world). Real business men and women! This little girl below first summed up number 1 to 10 in almost 5 languages before she said: "Do you want a post card? Only one dollar!"

A real business woman

Silver tree taking over the temple

This tree, called a silver tree because of its specific colour, is gigantic! Silver trees can rise up to a 100 m high (maybe even higher). They are a bit creepy because of their roots going all over the place.
As you can see, this one has planted itself onto the temple. To me it looks as if it wants to suffocate the temple... Plus it's also crazy how the temple can hold the weight of this enormous tree!

More of Angkor Wat tomorrow!

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