March 31, 2012

Recap of the week

It's been pretty quiet on the blog lately.. Mainly because Jolien has moved in into my place which adds more excitement to my schedule, but also because I've been planning my vacation. I'm leaving for India on wednesday! I'm so excited!

BUT to keep you guys posted, here's a recap of the week. My readings, fashion & beauty, ...
Hope you all have a nice weekend ahead! Enjoy!

New in: long wear luminous eyeshadow, Chanel

Nr 83 Illusoire, Chanel

A while ago, Jolien did the make-up of the models for the photoshoot at work which turned out really good! Last week I asked if she could once do my make-up as well since I've always wanted to know how I would look like with more make-up on. Well, I've had a make-up session once before, at Grand Central in New York when the make-up team and the stylist of Gossip Girl were there, when I passed through but that didn't work out that well.. I looked horrible (horrible might be a hard word) and "glamorous" at the same time because they had put on make-up which is not suited for daily life, but for the catwalk so I was kinda embarrassed to walk over the streets with it. They basically had emphasized on my eyebrows instead of my eyes..

First Jolien tried a dark brown colour but that didn't really made my eyes (which are hazel brown) come out that much.. Then she put a dark shimmering pink and a light matte skin coloured eyeshadow on my eyes together with a black eyeliner, which will be perfect for the daytime.
For the nighttime, she taught me how to put on the long wear luminous eyeshadow of Chanel which you can see on the photos above. It looks a bit like a brown colour on the photo but in reality it's purple. It's ideal for me since I only have to use one thing instead of getting 2 or 3 eyeshadows, and the best thing is that you would think you've put on 2 or 3 colours, so you get the same result!

One of my favorites: my vintage cognac leather bag

A lot of reading to do before I leave on wednesday!


Good old Warcoing


A heron flying over the Scheldt - Warcoing, Belgium

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