March 12, 2012

My dear colleagues

I love my colleagues for a lot of reasons but one in particular is the way they all seem to like and appreciate good tasty food : ) One example is the couscous dish I learned to make through my colleague Leen. It is soo yummy and healthy! Last time I forgot a few ingredients of her recipe, but I have added my own twist and luckily it also tasted good :) Below a picture of it. 

Homemade couscous

Ingredients I used:
- tomatoe
- olives
- feta
- cucumber
- carrot
- grilled chicken
- couscous ofcourse
- shoarma herbs

What you could add as well:
- raisins
- pine nuts
- peppers
- yellow curry herbs instead of shoarma herbs

Basically, you can experiment with adding more vegetables and I am pretty much certain that it will turn out to be delicious!

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