March 12, 2012

Ghost money

Mid-April I will be travelling through the South of Vietnam, exploring the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc island. I have great memories from my last trip to Vietnam, back in 2009. Below some photos.

Money-offering at a temple in Hanoi, Vietnam - October 2009

For ages, money-offering has been an important part of everyday life for the Vietnamese. By burning fake money (or also called ghost money, hell money, heaven money), they give money to the gods, ghosts and their ancestors who can use the money in the afterlife. In return, they are given blessings and good fortune.

October 2009 - Halong Bay, Vietnam

Delicious snack - Hanoi, Vietnam

Electricity efficiency - Hanoi, Vietnam

Have a nice evening! 

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