February 26, 2012

Waking up

Good morning!
Well, it's noon.. but it's sunday so give me some credit : )
Waking up with a smoothie, a raisin bread and a chocolate croissant. Mmmm! 
Below more on my smoothie-love.

Raisin bread - chef: mom : ) 

MMMm strawberry-banana smoothie

For those of you who love smoothies, I seriously advise you to invest in a good blender! My brother surprised me with a professional blender for christmas (he rocks at giving presents)! Sooo much better than the cheap version we had (where once, the thing almost caught fire when I tried to blend ice chunks haha). This one chops and blends everything! But yeah, you also pay the price for it I guess.. I have one from Philips - see here. But in return you can make fresh, healthy smoothies, knowing exactly what's in there (compared to ready-made smoothies).

Strawberry-banana smoothie: half a banana, 8 strawberries, 100ml water (or more, depending on how thick you want it to be)

Have a nice sunday everyone!

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