The Pool of Immortality

By Julie Suze Velghe - 12:14 PM

The Pool of Immortality surrounds the Golden Temple in Amritsar. It is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of caste, class, colour or creed. But more in particular, it is the most sacred place for the Sikh.

The Golden Temple, April 2011 - Amritsar, India

From all over the world, pilgrims come here and take a dip in the Pool of Immortality, which is known for its healing powers. I did so myself as well last year in April.
Men can just go in the water, while there are special cabins for women. The pool contains huge beautiful koi fish which peacefully swim around and in some way thus help cleaning the water. 

Every day, thousands of people can enjoy a free meal inside the temple complex. All the work (cooking, cleaning, maintenance, etc.) is done by volunteers, with the help of donations. It's incredible to see! 

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